CommandQ 2.0 Now Available

Monday, June 24, 2019

Hi, everyone.

Way back in 2011, I released a small Mac app called CommandQ. It only does one thing - it stops you from accidentally quitting an app and losing your work or the state it was in.

It does this by intercepting your ⌘Q keyboard shortcut. Instead of the current app immediately quitting, CommandQ shows a floating window with a short timer.

If you keep holding down ⌘Q until time runs out, your app quits. But if you let go before that, nothing happens - giving you a chance to “undo” a simple keyboard mistake.

It was a silly idea that I mainly just wanted for myself, but lots of other Mac users found it helpful, too.

For various boring, technical reasons, CommandQ hasn’t seen an update since 2012. But it’s continued to work just fine, and folks still occasionally email to tell me they find it useful.

Unfortunately, Apple’s Mojave OS introduced some bugs last Fall. And my early testing with macOS Catalina has shown CommandQ to be totally broken.

I didn’t want this little app to just die, so I spent a few nights last week and rebuilt it using Swift and modern macOS technologies. The result is what I’m calling version 2.0 - and it’s my goal for it to be built on a solid foundation to last for another eight years.

In this update…

  • I’ve added support for Mojave’s Dark Mode.
  • Included a new option to stop you from accidentally closing windows, too. (⌘W)
  • Fixed all known bugs and crashes.

If you’re an existing customer, you can upgrade to the new version for 30% off between now and the next two weeks. Check your email Tuesday (6/25/2019) for a coupon code from me to claim your discount.

If you’re a new customer and think CommandQ might be helpful, you can download a free 14-day trial. And you can purchase a new license for $9.99.

(And, just so you know, CommandQ is a one time purchase. It's not a subscription or a recurring charge like so many other apps are these days. Once you buy the app, it's yours to keep using forever.)

I’ve had fun using the app over the years, and I had a great time building this new version. I hope you enjoy it, too!

A quick note about pricing…

Back in 2011, I launched CommandQ for $3.99 and received a ton of hateful feedback via email and Twitter about how I was ripping off customers by charging "so much".

Well, those folks are going to be sorely disappointed to learn version 2.0 is now $9.99 (for new customers).


Because I practice sustainable software development.

Customers pay a fair, one-time, non-subscription price that allows me to eat, and in return they can expect a well-crafted app that will be supported into the future. Version 1.0 lasted eight years, and I'm pricing this new release to ensure 2.0 is around for a long time to come, too.

Of course, that’s just my opinion. I’m genuinely curious and interested in hearing any of your thoughts about how developers like myself can write software we love, make a living doing so, and still treat customers fairly. Feel free to send me your ideas here or on Twitter. I’d love to have a discussion.