Saying Goodbye

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

It will be eleven years this August 2018 since I released the first version of VirtualHostX and started my little software company, Click On Tyler. Initially priced at $7, my long-term goal with the app was to earn enough side money to refinish the hardwood floors in our tiny 1,000 sq ft fixer-upper. But the app took on a life of its own and grew beyond my wildest expectations. I'm slightly embarrased to say that over the last decade I've earned over 100x my original goal. VirtualHostX, and it's sibling apps Hostbuddy and Hobo, provided much needed financial cushion during tough times and even allowed me to take a two year sabaatical from my 9-5 job. I'm truly blessed to have stumnbled upon a niche product with such a wonderful customer base.

But times have changed. March was my lowest sales month ever - even counting those first few months when I was just starting out. The money brought in by Click On Tyler is no longer enough to offer much assistance in paying our bills or even providing for the occasional night out splurge.

After much back and forth with family and friends these past few weeks, I'm sorry to say that I am discontinuing VirtualHostX, Hostbuddy, and Hobo.

All three apps will continue to work indefinitely until Apple makes a macOS change that breaks them. Your existing software licenses will remain active. And I'll continue to provide technical suport until June 1, 2018.

Nottingham and CommandQ will remain supported and available for purchase and will hopefully gain new features and updates before too long. I'll also be focusing my energy on new projects and apps under the Click On Tyler brand.

Feel free to reach out on Twitter or email if you have any additional questions.

It's truly been an honor to earn your trust and business over the last eleven years.