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How do I uninstall VirtualHostX?

Last Updated December 9, 2019

To completely uninstall VirtualHostX, follow these steps

  1. Choose "Destroy..." from the "Virtual Machine" menu. This will shutdown and delete the virtual machine, but it will not delete your website's files. It will delete any databases you created, so please backup accordingly.
  2. Choose "Uninstall Helper Software..." from the VirtualHostX "Help" menu. You'll be prompted to enter your Administrator password two times.
  3. Delete this folder from your Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/com.clickontyler.VirtualHostX/
    Tip: you can choose "Go to Folder..." from the Finder's "Go" menu and then copy and paste that folder path to go straight to it.
  4. Move the VirtualHostX application to your Trash.