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VHX7: How to use different top level domain names

Last Updated November 26, 2018

By default, VirtualHostX 8 requires that all of the websites you create end in This restriction is in place so we no longer have to prompt for your Administrator password every time you save your changes.

But some users may want to use a different domain name. Fortunately, that's easy!

  1. Create your website in VirtualHostX as you normally would.
  2. In the <VirtualHost> custom directives box, add ServerAlias and apply your changes.
  3. Edit your /etc/hosts file with a text editor and add a line that says and save your changes.

That's it! Here's a quick video showing the process in action using our other app, Hostbuddy.

How to use a different top-level domain name with VirtualHostX 7 from Click On Tyler on Vimeo.