URL Actions

URL Actions are an advanced feature that let you connect Upshot and other iOS apps together.

Many iOS apps have a custom URL scheme that allow you to launch them from other apps and pass small bits of information.

In its most basic form, Upshot's URL scheme is simply

If you type that URL into Mobile Safari, it will launch Upshot.

By adding various parameters to that URL, you can control Upshot and pass information back and forth between it and other apps.

The rest of this page describes what's possible with Upshot and URL Actions. At the bottom, there are links for quickly installing Upshot actions into other apps like Drafts. And here's a video showing one example in action.

Launching Upshot Actions

You can launch Upshot and have it immediately take a specific action by using URL the actions below:






Each of those URLs will launch Upshot and immediately launch the respective capture mode - camera, video camera, camera roll picker, audio recording, or text entry.

Returning to the Calling App

Those URLs also support a special parameter called x-success.

x-success allows you to specify a URL that Upshot will launch after successfully capturing your chosen media type. This allows you to launch Upshot, capture something, and then immediately switch back to the calling app. For example, the following URL will open Drafts after capture is complete:


Receiving the Shortened Share Link

After capture, Upshot will automatically generate a shortened Dropbox share URL. When you specify an x-success callback URL, Upshot will call that URL and pass along a text parameter containing the shortened URL. The calling app can then use that short URL as it wishes. For example, when using the following URL, Upshot will pass the shortened URL back to Drafts as a new note.


If the calling app does not suppor the text param, you can instead tell Upshot to copy the shortened link to the clipboard. To do this, append a © parameter to your URL action as shown below.


Appending the Shortened URL to Existing Text

In addition to the x-success parameter, Upshot also looks for a text parameter. When used, this text will be passed back to the calling app in its text parameter along with the shortened URL appended to it. Example:


To be honest, this text appending feature is really just a hack to be able to fetch a shortened link from Upshot and insert it into the current draft in, but other apps may find it useful as well.

Importing Any File Into Dropbox

Upshot can also be used to import any file available at a URL into Dropbox. To do this, just prepend upshot:// to the front of any URL in Mobile Safari. This will launch Upshot, which will download the file and then upload it into Dropbox. For example,


Note: This feature isn't yet available. We plan to launch it with the Upshot 1.2 update the week of August 18, 2014. Specific Actions

You can tap on the URLs below to import Upshot actions into

More Help

If you have any questions about Upshot's URL actions or would like to suggest a feature, feel free to get in touch.