VirtualHostX Leopard Compatibility

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Update 11/1/07: VirtualHostX is now compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. You can ignore the rest of this post :-)

I've received many emails asking for a Leopard compatible version of VirtualHostX. I'm happy to say it's almost ready and will be a free upgrade for all users.

I've decided to go ahead and post a beta version for anyone interested to download. I've completed my testing and everything appears to be working well. The only bug is that after adding or removing a virtual host, the program doesn't automatically restart the web server (so your changes aren't getting picked up). Until I get this feature working, it's easy to restart the server yourself. Just go to System Preferences → Sharing and then uncheck and check "Web Sharing". Here's a screen shot

Thanks for your patience, everyone.

Technical Notes

For those who are wondering, the reason the current version of VHX doesn't work on Leopard is because Apple upgraded the default Apache installation from version 1.3 to 2. This is a great change - it definitely makes my job as a web developer easier. VHX just needs to be taught where the Apache 2 config files are stored and which changes to make.