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Compatible with macOS 10.12 Sierra - macOS 11 Big Sur

What is VirtualHostX?

VirtualHostX is an easy-to-install local server environment for macOS. You can build and test web apps like WordPress or even host a production web server on your Mac.

VHX has helped over 50,000 web developers and designers build websites since 2007.

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What's new in VHX Pro?

It's our biggest update ever.

A modern UI, faster web server restarts, and tons of helpful new features. Read the full introduction here.

Or keep reading to see everything that's new in Pro...

Apple Silicon Status

VirtualHostX is not compatible with Apple Silicon...yet.

New, Modern macOS UI.

We've taken cues from the latest breed of powerful macOS developer tools and rebuilt VirtualHostX's UI to feel right at home on macOS Catalina.

But more than a fresh coat of paint, we've added a brand new status bar that keeps tabs on what's going on with your websites and the server, so you'll know at-a-glance that things are running smoothly.

Extra help links are sprinkled throughout the app. New status icons and tool-tips can quickly alert you to a configuration problem.

And if you're not a sys-admin in your day job, we think you'll appreciate the added links to in-depth FAQs and how-to guides that explain each feature.

Backup and Restore.

We all make mistakes. Now you can take snapshots of your websites and restore to any previous version.

VHX can backup all of your website's files and databases, and you can optionally store them in Dropbox, iCloud, or Google Drive to keep them synced across your Macs.

Free, Automatic SSL Certificates.

Many of our customers use VirtualHostX to run production websites. Now they can do it securely.

VHX can install and configure a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for your public-facing website so your visitors see a trusted HTTPS padlock in their browser.

And if you're just testing your website locally, you can use our own SSL certificate or bring your own.

Take Control of Your Default Web Browser.

Make VirtualHostX your default web browser.

That's right. You can now make VirtualHostX your Mac's default web browser. When you click a link in another app, VHX will prompt you to choose which of the actual web browsers on your Mac you want to open the link with.

It's perfect for quickly testing your websites across multiple web browsers.

Website Sharing. Built-in.

Whether across the world or sitting in the other cubicle, VirtualHostX can help you share your in-progress websites with friends and coworkers.

And when they share websites with you, they'll automatically appear in the VHX sidebar beneath yours. It's a great way to gather feedback on what you're building.

But, privacy first! Nothing is ever shared without you first opting-in.

Automate VHX with AppleScript.

Ok, ok. This one's totally for the nerds, power users, and systems administrators.

Now you can bend VirtualHostX to your will by automatically creating and editing websites with AppleScript. You also have full control over starting/stopping/restarting the virtual machine and performing other tasks.

Want to include VirtualHostX in your CI tests or CD pipeline? Now you can.

What else has changed in VirtualHostX Pro?

You ready for all this?

  • The app new detects if your unsaved changes require doing a full reboot of the virtual machine, or if it's safe just to do a fast restart of the web server.
  • More more reliable and stable connection to the virtual machine. Should help prevent the dreaded "Default Ubuntu Apache" webpage from appearing.
  • Show helpful information when no websites have been created yet.
  • Better tracking of which websites have unsaved changes.
  • Much improved drag/drop of websites and groups in the sidebar.
  • Custom directives text boxes now use a fixed-width font.
  • New toolbar icons.
  • Sidebar is smarter about keeping track of what item should be selected.
  • Added status tooltips with contextual information throughout the app.
  • Generate real SSL certificates with Certbot.
  • Brand new status view that shows what’s happening to the web server and virtual machine.
  • Control your macOS web browsers.
  • Use standard system status icons in sidebar.
  • Reveal web server log folder in Finder.
  • Keep logs of all virtual machine actions.
  • Show virtual machine output window during setup process.
  • Preference to not show virtual machine output window at all.
  • Modern macOS UI.
  • Fixes to Uninstall script.
  • Correctly open Start page when using alternative web server port numbers.
  • Prompt to install Vagrant/VirtualBox if they’re not detected.
  • Fixed many, many crashes.
  • macOS Today extension.
  • AppleScript support.
  • Improved app launch time on older Macs.
  • Add warning when choosing to Destroy the virtual machine.
  • Abort virtual machine restart if the Admin password prompt is cancelled.
  • Ensure Local Path and Web Root directories makes sense to one another.
  • Automatically offer to destroy virtual machine after updating the Vagrant box.
  • Better checking of which web server port is in use.
  • Improved Welcome window flow.
  • Improved Preferences window UI.
  • Added website and database backup manager.
  • Reopen correct window when clicking on the Dock icon.
  • Improvements to bundled phpMyAdmin.

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