VirtualHostX Pro

Existing Customer Upgrade

Annual License Upgrade

$34 USD / 2 Computers
  • ✓ 12 months of updates
  • ✓ Use VirtualHostX Pro forever
  • ✓ Lightning-fast email and phone support
  • ✓ Install on two computers

What is an Annual License?

An Annual License provides you with instant updates, bug fixes and new features for a full year (no more waiting for the latest version to be available). Another benefit of the annual license is you that it allows you to install VirtualHostX on up to two computers at a time per license.

If you ever choose not to renew your annual license, you may continue to use the app for as long as you want. However, you will be limited to using the last version of the app released within your subscription period. Compatibility updates and new features are available only with a current subscription.

An Annual License is a good fit for individuals, freelancers, hobbyists, etc. You can install VirtualHostX on your desktop and laptop or your personal computer and your work computer.

Why a subscription?

If you find VirtualHostX useful and it helps you with your web development work, then we also hope that you'll want to see it continue to grow, improve, and be maintained.

By choosing to subscribe to an Annual or Monthly plan, we can provide regular bug fixes, new features, and ensure VirtualHostX continues to work with Apple's latest updates so that you can keep getting work done.

As a special thank you to annual license subscribers, we are offering permanent licenses. If you purchase an annual license and choose to cancel after the first year, then you can keep using that version of the app as long as it works for you.

How long will I get free updates?

You will receive all bug fixes and new features as long as your license has not expired.

An Annual License receives free updates for twelve months after which point you then have the option to renew for another year or continue using the last version free of charge, forever.

A Monthly License receives free updates forever as long as your subscription is active. If your subscription expires, you will not be able to use the app

Do you offer refunds?

All sales of VirtualHostX are final.

However, VirtualHostX comes with a free 14 day trial that lets you fully test the app without any restrictions. More importantly, because of the way the new licenses work, if you need any extra time at all to test the app and make absolutely sure it works the way you want - just ask. We are more than happy to extend your free trial. We want you to be completely satisfied with VirtualHostX.