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Getting Started with Hobo

Last Updated December 9, 2019

Using Hobo to manage your Vagrant boxes is essentially a three step process.

  1. Create a new Hobo document and setup any port forwards, synced directories, and additional Vagrant commands. You can also add provisioning shell commands that will be executed the first time you launch your machine.
  2. Save your Hobo document in a dedicated folder for your virtual machine. Then, click "Export Vagrantfile" to generate your Vagrantfile and file.
  3. Click "Up" to launch your new virtual machine.

Once you've created your new virtual machine, you can manage it and any other Vagrant boxes on your system using Hobo's menu icon in your menubar. You can also edit your Hobo document and re-export a Vagrantfile at any time. Just reload your virtual machine for your new changes to take effect.