A New Blog

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Six years ago, this website started out as my personal home on the web. Then, when I launched my first Mac app, I began selling it on the front page. And slowly over the next few years the site transitioned from personal to business. Still, I kept writing both types of blog posts here. Some would talk about new product features and company news, while others ranged from a fun hack I came up with over the weekend to OmniFocus tips to product reviews.

To go along with an upcoming site redesign and Click On Tyler rebranding, I've begun splitting up all my old blog posts and moving the non-business ones over to my new, personal website I'll still post company and product news here, but if you've ever enjoyed my off-topic posts about programming, productivity, etc, head on over to the new site and subscribe to my RSS feed. And thanks for following along all these years!