WordPress One-Click Install with VirtualHostX

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Today I'm thrilled to announce that one of VirtualHostX's most requested features is finally here - one click installs of your favorite web applications!

With one click, VHX can now download the latest version of a web app, such as WordPress, install the files, setup the database, and configure any additional settings needed.

We're rolling out this new feature with only WordPress at the moment since it's the most often requested web app. But we'd love to hear from you about which other web software you'd like to see included. Just give us a shout with your suggestion!

Using our new one-click install is simple. Just create an empty folder on your Mac and point a new virtual host at it. Then, choose "Install WordPress..." from the "One-Click Install" menu under the "Website" menu. VHX will take care of everything else from there for you.