The New Lift Off

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Today, Lift Off, VirtualHostX's website sharing service, gets a big new feature - Static Site Sharing.

Lift Off debuted alongside VirtualHostX 3.0 back in 2011. It was a simple one-click way to share your virtual hosts with anyone over the internet. It created a secure connection between your Mac and the VirtualHostX cloud and gave you a URL you could pass around to friends and coworkers. Anyone with the URL could instantly see the website being served off your Mac. Any changes you make locally were immediately available for everyone else to see.

Over the past two years, over 10,000 users have taken Lift Off for a spin and given me your feedback. Lift Off's new feature, Static Site Sharing, delivers two of the most requested features. Custom/branded URLs and permanent connections.

Now, if you choose to share a static site with Lift Off, VirtualHostX will package up your virtual host and upload it to our new cloud servers and share it using the URL you pick. Best of all, the sites you share keep working even after you close VirtualHostX. They'll stay around for a full week - and you can extend that indefinitely by re-publishing your site.

Every copy of VirtualHostX comes with a free trial of Lift Off. So if you've never shared a site before, sign-up for an account right inside the app and give it a try. It's such an easy way to share your work with others, I know you'll love it.

Static Site Sharing