Announcing Shutterbox

Sunday, November 23, 2014

In case you missed my constant tweeting and blogging over on my other website, I'm writing a book about managaing your photo library with Dropbox. In the course of writing it, I realized that there wasn't a good iOS app for viewing your Dropbox photo library. Well, I shouldn't really say there weren't any "good" apps. There are a few. But none of them matched up with exactly how I wanted an app to work and behave. So, like any good programmer, I built the app I wanted myself. The result is Shutterbox.

Shutterbox is a very opinionated way to browse the photos and videos stored in your Dropbox. The app is free in the App Store and works on both iPhone and iPad. If you'd like to know a little bit more about the app, you can check out a demo video or read the details of why I built the app.

So, if you or someone you know keeps all of their photos in Dropbox, give Shutterbox a try. I hope you'll love it.